Remotely Monitoring Power Quality

Defining the Problem...

Three phase power in remote areas can be difficult to get and is expensive to run, but is necessary for any large motor or pump that will be used for a long period of time.

Even after the expense of installing the power, power quality issues and outages can really take its toll on your equipment.

Whether it is phase loss, phase reversal, or total power failure, three phase power fluctuations can really damage pumps, motors, and other electrical equipment and leave your system down and you looking for answers.

Differences in phasing or voltage in three phase power supplying large motors can cause noise, vibration, overheating and other problems that may burn out motors, compressors, pumps and other equipment dependent on such motors.

It is often more difficult to find and diagnose a power quality problem and its source than it is to cure it. Many problems are like ghosts, appearing and disappearing without leaving a clear idea of what was just seen. Some only show up when several factors occur simultaneously. Others appear once and are never seen again.

Utility providers can be a good source of information but may not be able to determine or correct problems on the customer side of the meter. Liability issues also may restrict a utility’s ability to offer advice. An electrician experienced in diagnosing power quality issues could be needed, along with sophisticated metering and recording devices, to ensure that the right solution is applied.

A Remote Monitoring Solution...

Remotely monitoring your 3 phase power and motor, pump, or compressor will give you the ability to determine if your power is good quality and if your system is running safely and correctly.

Pump / Power Quality Monitor

Power Quality Monitoring Panel

The power quality panel above is designed for pump control and power quality monitoring. The user can control the pump manually or put it in auto mode to turn on and off based on fluid level. Additionally, thanks to the Modbus communication offered by the power monitor we are able to get key power data, such as:

Phase Voltage Line Voltage
Power Power Factor
Frequency Voltage Unbalance
Current Unbalance Individual Harmonics
Running Time Load Running Time
Alarms & More....