Remote Monitoring over Satellite

Control Systems and Skids are increasingly being commissioned into remote locations to handle jobs once only accomplished by skilled workers. Additionally, many skids have to move from job to job and you never know where the next job will be. South Texas? North Dakota? Out of the country?

While a phone line modem or cellular coverage may be fine for the outskirts of a big city, remote locations still do not have adequate coverage for cell phones, much less data.

We have a solution. Remote monitoring of your skid or control system over satellite.

Gulftex Automation is pleased to announce our latest product offering of remote system monitoring virtually anywhere in the world.

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Coverage Map

Coverage Map


Why Satellite?

With all the cell phone commercials today, you may be wondering, why do I need satellite?

The cell phone companies commercials show their coverage maps covering 90% of the United States.  While I think most of use realize these maps are not quite accurate, what level of coverage can I expect?

While I was heading to a startup in far west Texas, I was reminded of the lack of coverage personally. As I am driving west from Houston , I had no coverage on Interstate 10 for about 2 hours while driving out past Kerrville.

I am not talking about not having data coverage, I could not make a phone call.

So if we have trouble finding cell service in remote parts of the U.S., how can you expect to have cellular based data service?

Advantages of Satellite Based Service:

Works virtually everywhere (see coverage map above) 
Does not depend on local infrastructure (storms, hurricanes, downed lines, power outages all effect cellular)
One system for anywhere in the world. No choosing different cell modems & different carriers for systems located in different countries.
Unified interface - check all your remote systems in one web portal
Not affected by weather - satellite transmitter is not affected by snow or rain
Deploy once, deploy everywhere. When you commission your satellite at your home office and it works, you know you are deploying a proven solution. Cellular and DSL systems may have to be locally commissioned in order to get online connectivity.
Worldwide Usage - The U.S. land mass only accounts for 2% of the earth's surface. Choosing satellite today, will prevent costly alternate systems later.
Avoiding cell churn: Cell churn is the term for moving from one carrier, system, or plan to another. 2G, 3G, 4G, what will tomorrow bring? Carriers come and go, data plans change monthly, some cell modems from 2-3 years ago no longer are offered. Our satellite terminals will be operational through at least 2021 and most likely even past that date. One terminal, one custom plan for you.

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