Custom System Design

As a full line design and build integrator, we often are brought in early during the design phase of the customer's project.  Many times our years of automation expertise help our customers determine correct materials and components without expensive trial and error.  

Once our customer has a general scope of the project, we will sit down with them at their facility and help to plan the automation portion of the system.  We can help to determine automation hardware, precision instruments such as level, pressure, or flow meters, valves, and many other components in their control system.

Once we have an idea of what they are trying to accomplish we will give them a full quote on the system with additional options for items or services that may be pertinent to the project, and different options for installation and/or startup. 

Once they have won their job from their customer, we then will determine required lead times and will begin working with the customer to expedite the order for the customer.

We can provide panel layout drawings and customer approval drawings for custom systems that require it.

Once the custom system is complete, we will do a Factory Acceptance Test at our facility with the customer to show that the system meets requirements. When everything meets the customer's requirements, we will then either install the system or provide the customer the necessary panel wiring schematics for the local installers to install the panels.

Finally, we will do a system startup for the customer at the customer's job site (as required) or facility. When everything is complete, we will modify the panel schematics with any changes required and then provide any code or programming information to the customer if they so choose.

Additionally, we keep all job data and associated files on both a local and remote offsite backup so if you need additional copies or have problems down the road, we will still have you covered.