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We offer full automation services including determining system scope & parameters, system design, panel layout drawings, electrical schematics, panel fabrication & wiring, programming, and commissioning.

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Current News In Automation

November 22nd
This offering was designed for location-based control of equipment and facility resources. It is particularly suited for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) including Building Management Systems (BMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion (SCADA) and Huma…
November 21st
The digital controller is designed for thermoelectrics and resistive heaters where tight temperature stability is required. Stability better than 0.0009°C can be achieved with thermistors.
November 21st
The IO-Link interface allows the user to automate the configuration of sensors. The inclusion of ATEX also enables the use of commercially available barriers. The sensors are suitable for hygienic and industrial applications.
November 20th
The 1525 Series features +5 VDC, 5 mA operation, in-run bias stability, and zero cross-coupling. Five full-scale ranges, of ±2 g, ±5 g, ±10 g, ±25 g, and ±50 g, are currently in production.
November 20th
The input loop-powered variants include the single-channel MINI MCR-2-I-I-ILP and two-channel MINI MCR-2-2I-2I-ILP, all powered via the field-side device. Input signal to output signal is a 1:1 ratio with no conversion possible or calibration necessary.