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GulfTex Automation specializes in custom automation systems, control panels, remote monitoring, and lean manufacturing solutions.

We offer full automation services including determining system scope & parameters, system design, panel layout drawings, electrical schematics, panel fabrication & wiring, programming, and commissioning.

Please take a look around and if you have any projects that you need help with please let us know!

Current News In Automation

September 19th
By Bill Lydon, Editor, Automation.com Given the number of vendors that have introduced electronic marketing projects, the value of electronic marshalling is clear. With Siemens’ entry into the world of open automation solutions, the value of these s…
September 19th
The City implemented Bedrock to control both de-chlorination and storm water remediation operations, and is planning other integration and control applications as part of its ongoing modernization program.
September 19th
Innovari’s Interactive Energy Platform (IEP) uses artificial intelligence, “big data” analytics, proprietary optimization routines and grid-edge hardware built on NI technology to deliver capacity and address grid demand.
September 19th
Siemens, a global engineering and technology company, and PAS Global, a provider of industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity solutions, announced an agreement to provide fleet-wide, real time monitoring for control systems.
September 18th
Krüger A/S provides with its STAR Utility Solution online control solutions that continuously optimize and stabilize the operation of the entire system for water and waste water. Prosys OPC developed for Krüger A/S a scalable, cloud-based soluti…